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2023 AFSPFinancials

Statement of Financial Position

Year ended June 30, 2022


Current Assets
Unconditional promises to give and other receivables$808,225
Prepaid walk material and inventory$4,226,387
Other prepaid expenses$1,838,481
Total current assets$21,079,892
Property and equipment
Property and equipment, at cost$4,488,465
Less accumulated depreciation$1,931,357
Property and Equipment, at cost less depreciation$2,557,108
Other Assets
Restricted cash$639,470
Unrestricted and undesignated investments$51,573,491
Restricted investments$1,165,691
Investments (board-designated)$3,025,833
Educational films, net-
Security deposits$35,475
Operating lease right-of-use assets$11,870,744
Total other assets$68,310,704
Total assets$91,947,704

Liabilities and Net Assets

Current liabilities
Grants payable$1,916,395
Accounts payable and accrued expenses$4,031,747
Refundable advance-
Deferred event revenue$3,194,163
Current portion of operating lease liabilities$1,052,105
Total current liabilities$10,194,410
Noncurrent liabilities and deferred credits
Deferred rent credit-
Deferred compensation$189,427
Operating lease liabilities, noncurrent$13,358,761
Total liabilities$23,742,598
Net assets
Net assets without donor restrictions
General operating$60,587,500
Total without donor restrictions$63,613,333
Net assets with donor restrictions$4,591,773
Total net assets$68,205,106
Total liabilities and net assets$91,947,704