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Talk Away the Dark

Headshot of volunteer Whitney Shumway

Suicide is a topic that hides in the shadows.

All too often it goes unaddressed, with people unsure how to talk about it, afraid of making the situation worse.

It's time we shed light upon this leading cause of death.

This past year, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention decided it's time we Talk Away the Dark.

Since its founding in 1987 by families impacted by suicide and scientists who wanted to learn more, AFSP has played a critical role in raising the topic of suicide in our national conversation, spreading awareness and understanding through our Out of the Darkness Walks, education and loss support programs, research and advocacy efforts, the Interactive Screening Program, and through public messaging campaigns and strategic partnerships.

Photo of volunteer Timothy Irving

AFSP continues to light the way in fighting this leading cause of death.

Together, we can bring suicide out of the dark and into the light.

Photo of volunteer Keon Lewis

Join us in Talking Away the Dark.

Explore our community's impact, starting with a message from our CEO and National Board Chair.

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